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Year 12 Study Preparation Information

Year 12 Students and Parents


As distance learning for Y11 students ceases as of Thursday 7th May, we now need to look to preparing our students for Y12 study. A successful transition between Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 is an integral part of ensuring our students fulfil their potential.


The transition work is to be divided into two elements, a new transition unit in the first instance, developed by staff to develop students’ study skills in lieu of the examination period, followed by the existing transition material that students traditionally complete.


The New Transition Unit


This is to be begun by students after half term on Monday 1st June. This will allow students a well-earned break before they approach their further education.


Students are to access units for each of the subjects they have opted to study at the academy. If students have opted to study subjects based at other centres, they will receive guidance on preparing for these courses at a later date. The units are to be found in the 6th Form section of the academy’s website.


These units contain sufficient activities for four weeks of work, along with further opportunities to develop their skills. These are specifically designed to bridge the gap between GCSE and A level.


Students should complete the work by Wednesday 1st July and send the completed unit to Vicki Rainford via email:

Students should note that these units are designed to be completed independently but subject staff are on hand to support you remotely.


Y12 Transition Unit


This unit is to be completed in the period after the students were expected to complete their exams. Once again, it will be accessed via the website and must be completed to a good standard and brought to September’s first lesson if students are to access the course. This unit is completed each year to prepare students for the initial course content they will learn in September and by engaging with them to the best of their ability students will give themselves the best possible chance of A level success.


Please do get in touch if you have any questions regarding the transition period.


Mr  Gibbard

Associate Headteacher