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Sixth Form FAQ's

What is The Stafford Sixth Form Partnership? 

The Partnership is one of the most established collaborations of schools in the country.  As a result, you can access a huge range of KS5 courses, providing a much greater choice than if schools work in isolation.  See the prospectus and website for further details. 

How many A Levels should I take?

Three, or the equivalent if you are taking a mixed pathway.  Even our Oxbridge and medical applicants take three to ensure they achieve the highest grades. 

What subjects should I take?

This is not easy to answer! Do consider the following points:

  • Which subjects will enjoy the most? If you enjoy them, you will work harder at them and get higher grades!
  • Do I need particular subjects to access particular careers or university subjects?  Use Unifrog and our careers advisor to ensure you've done your research - it's your future!
  • Will I succeed on my chosen courses? Speak to teachers - even if your achieve a grade 6 at GCSE, you may not achieve a grade C or above at A Level.  What do your teachers think?
  • New subjects, such as psychology, are popular with our students.  do you know exactly what the subject entails?

What happens in Pathway meetings?

These meetings allow one to one time with experienced Sixth Form Leaders who have guided thousands of students onto the right courses.  Be prepared - complete your research BEFORE the meeting and have a shortlist of courses. 

How do I apply?

Applications are made electronically via the Stafford Sixth Form Partnership website. 

There is a detailed walkthrough available on our open event page.


When can I apply?

Electronic applications open on 14th December.  However, please wait until your meeting with Mr Gibbard or Mrs Jones so we can talk you through it.

When is the deadline for applications?

The initial deadline is 31st January 2021.  Electronic application cannot be made after this time.  Students can apply after this deadline but cannot guarantee a place on all courses after this point, dependent on course demand. Course changes and application after 31st January can be completed at any time via Mr Gibbard.  

How do I know if I've 'got in' to the Sixth Form?

We are an inclusive Sixth Form. As long as you have met the entry criteria for your chosen courses, you can begin the course.

We will not contact you after GCSE results to confirm this- if you have the grades, we’ll see you in September!

What happens if I have not got the grades for my chosen courses?

Firstly, don’t panic! Mr Gibbard is available to talk you through your options. If your results have been affected by mitigating circumstances, we can consider your case in the Partnership Appeals Panel, in which the headteachers of the Partnership schools will consider your case.

You may also change your options at this point, selecting courses for which you met the entry criteria.


What do I wear in the Sixth Form? Is there a uniform?

Although we do not expect sixth formers to wear uniform, we do expect a certain standard of dress. You are representatives of your school and role models within the school community. 

Clothes should be suitable for a business/work environment therefore they should not be offensive or embarrassing to others:  

  • Trousers/jeans should be smart/casual, this does not allow rips/holes in jeans, tracksuits or sports leggings; 
  • There should be no offensive slogans on clothing; 
  • Skirts, shorts and tops should be of a suitable length, cropped tops are not permitted; 
  • Shoes should be of a sensible design; 
  • Baseball caps should not be worn during lessons. 


 What will my timetable be like?

You can work out your timetable using the document on the website. You will have 6 lessons per week, per subject, and one enrichment lesson per week.

What are 'twilights'?

In order to timetable the large number of courses available to out 6th Formers, students may have to attend lessons later than in KS4: there are also periods 7 and 8 in the 6th Form. Please see the timetable document for further information.

How do I get to lessons at other centres?

If you have lessons in other centres we provide transport, via taxi or minibus, within the school day. However, you must make your own arrangements for the beginning and end of the school day. Do consider this when you are selecting courses.

Do Sixth Form have registration?

Yr12 Students register once a week with their tutor at 8:45am on a Tuesday morning. 

Do we have enrichment sessions? Why?

You will be timetabled for one lesson per week for enrichment. This is assigned to PSHE, guest speakers, careers and university guidance.

I can't find an answer to my question in this document.

Please get in touch with Mr Gibbard and he’ll be happy to help!