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Computer science and Business

Aspire Programme Computer Science & IT

Links to further information and academic articles (Theory)


Computer Science Podcasts – Oxford University

An article discussing the advancements in gaming technology.

An article detailing the history of the CPU.

A journal discussing the possible impacts of technology on the health of users.

An article discussing the environmental impact of mobile technology.

A news article discussing the crime of hacking.

A journal discussing ethics within Computer Science.

An article discussing developments in magnetic hard-drive technology.

An article discussing types of computer virus.

An article discussing the impact of technology in our lives.

An article discussing the ‘Google effect’.

GCSE CS BBC Bitesize


Further reading for programming (and Python)


Books for further reading

  • Algorithmic Puzzles by Anany Levitin


  • Once Upon an Algorithm: How Stories Explain Computing by Martin Erwig


  • Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy


  • Lauren Ipsum by Carlos Bueno


  • Computational Fairy Tales by Jeremy Kubica


  • Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges


  • But How Do It Know? - The Basic Principles of Computers for Everyone by J. Clark Scott


  • Best Practices of Spell Design by Jeremy Kubica


  • The Computing Universe: A Journey through a Revolution by Tony Hey


  • The Pattern On The Stone: The Simple Ideas That Make Computers Work by W. Daniel Hillis





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