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Psychology (A level only)

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To succeed in this subject you should enjoy exploring issues dealing with how and why people behave in certain ways and also designing and carrying out small psychological investigations. You will need to demonstrate skills and knowledge in a variety of ways. To help you achieve, we will provide you with clear feedback on your strengths and weaknesses through front sheets which will regularly be attached to your work.

A wide range of teaching methods will be employed by a team of experienced and highly qualified lecturers.

Classroom teaching will include individual and group work. A variety of experiments and exercises will be conducted during lesson time.

 AS Course: Course Content

Unit 1 looks at key approaches to Psychology such as biopsychology, physiological psychology and how genetics can affect behaviour. It looks at the development of gender and psychological theories of gender. There will also be a section on research methods and how psychologists study behaviour, this is a theme that runs throughout the syllabus.

Unit 2 looks at three areas:- Social influence will look at why we conform and explanations of obedience; Cognitive psychology will look at theories of remembering and forgetting including reasons why we forget; Individual differences will be looking at anxiety disorders such as phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder.

 If you progress to A2

You will study application of Psychology, including Schizophrenia and Mood Disorders and

Forensic Psychology.

 Additional Information

You do not need to have previously studied Psychology, but an interest in human behaviour is desirable. During the course you will need to be able to communicate effectively and research information from a variety of sources. It would assist you on the course if you have achieved a grade ‘C’ in English, Mathematics and Biology/Science.

Psychology is a science and can be combined with most other subjects, including arts and science subjects. The subject of Psychology is highly recognised by H.E. institutions and offers the opportunity to study at degree level. All students are required to buy a course textbook.


Mrs J Machin Teacher of Psychology