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Remote Learning spring 2021


Dear Pupil,

We are sorry to hear that you cannot attend school and are currently self-isolating.

It is imperative that you continue to learn from home and continue to learn the same curriculum as your peers at the academy.

You are expected to study the subjects you would have had that day, as if you would be in school. Your teachers will set you independent learning tasks for you to complete through ‘show my homework’. If you have not received these, or cannot locate the work please feel free to email your teacher directly, their email address is the teacher’s first initial, followed by second name

If you complete any of your work within the time of the lesson, or you waiting to receive work the below web links help support developing your knowledge in the set out topic areas for those subjects;


  4. Any other subject specific web link as stated in the specific subject topics document.


Some subjects have planned isolation projects to be complete and they can be found in the subject pages below, but will also be communicated through Show my Homework.

Please be aware that your teachers will still be very busy teaching their classes as normal all day and might find it hard to respond so please be patient if you need a response. We wish you a speedy return to the academy.






D & T 


Performing Arts


Pastoral Resources


Cambridge Nationals Enterprise and Marketing

Cambridge National IT Home learning

GCSE Business

GCSE Computer Science


Maths - Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 Foundation GCSE, Year 10 Higher GCSE, Year 11 Foundation GCSE, Year 11 Higher GCSE