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GCE A Level Results 15thAugust  2019 

Students can now collect their Results in the Theatre, from 0900am  - 11-00 am

GCSE results  22nd August 2019 

Students can collect their results from 1000 am until 12 noon 




Year 12 Pre Public Examinations timetable 


November 5th & 7th English Language Resits.  

November 5th – 23rd Year 11 PPEs ( Pre Public Examinations )

November 7th NCFE C Cert. Health and Fitness External examination.

December 10th - 14th Year 13 PPEs.

January   9th - 10th  Enterprise and Marketing and IT External examination  

January 28th – 8th February Year 10 PPEs ( Pre public examinations )

March 11th – 22nd Year 11 PPEs ( Pre public examinations )

April  8th 9th Art GCSE ( This takes place in all Art rooms )

April 10th 11th Photography GCSE 

May 13th June 22nd  GCSE

May 13th June 25th GCE

June 24th -27th Year 9 PPEs ( Pre public examinations )   

June 24th -27th Year 12 PPE ( Pre public examinations )





Certificates usually arrive in school during October/November and are awarded at the Presentation Evening for Year 11.  


Y11 Presentation Evening will be held on 12th November 2019.

If you can not attend the Presentation Evening then you:

  • can collect certificates from the Exams office after the date OR 

  • send an A4 stamped addressed envelope to the Exams office at any time before the autumn so that the certificates can be posted to you after the Presentation Evening          OR

  • ask someone else to collect your certificates for you. You must give them a note authorising them to do so.  This note must be signed by you.  They must also bring a form of their own photographic identification with them. 

Please collect your certificates by Easter 2020. Certificates will no longer be retained indefinitely but will be confidentially destroyed after 2 years. Replacement certificates can be requested at a later date via the relevant Awarding Bodies websites but a charge will be made by them for this. This charge is between £38 - £43 for each certificate.


Yr 12 / Yr 13 candidates - There is no longer a Presentation Evening for Year 13 pupils. Arrangements as detailed above should be made in order to collect your sixth form certificates.