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Learning Support SEN

The Team

 Learning Support Staff:

Mr J Hackett - Assistant Headteacher / SENCO

Mrs J Perkins - Assistant SENCO

Mrs L Wood - Pupil Progress Officer

Mrs C Clough - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Mayer - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Pringle - Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Terry - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Wright Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Muir - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Woods - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Walker - Teaching Assistant

 Our Aims Are:

1)      To identify pupils with special educational needs as soon as possible on entry to our academy

2)      To assess the needs of pupils and provide the appropriate support

3)      To advise and support colleagues

4)      To advise and support parents

5)      To liaise with outside agencies, e.g. SENSS, Educational Psychologists, Medical Staff etc where


6)      To Support and foster the stated aims of the Academy

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 What We Offer

All pupils learn in different ways and at different rates.  Many pupils will need extra help at some point in their school life.  It is often said that every teacher is a teacher of pupils with special educational needs and in most cases difficulties in the classroom can be overcome by providing work that is suitable for the pupils level of ability.  However, a few pupils may have difficulties that require support in addition to this help.  We define pupils as having special educational needs if they have a difficulty in one or more of the following areas:

  • Reading or Writing
  • Number Work
  • Expressing themselves or understanding others
  • Behaviour
  • A hearing or visual impairment
  • A specific physical or mental condition

The Learning Support team works across all departments.  We support staff to enable them to help every pupil meet their learning objectives in a lesson.  If a pupil is identified as having needs which require additional support, they may be withdrawn for a set time to work with a learning support teacher in a small group.  Our aim is to return pupils to their classes as soon as possible.